Hi all,

My name is Dewendra Chaudhary and I was born on 13 September 1984(2040 Bhadra 28). I am called by different nicks- Dev, debu, black, sad, baabu, etc… However, i am called by Debu from my family. and the rest of the names from my frens…

I am a quite shy, silent, nervous, and peculiar type of person. Ppl find me very hard to understand. I always intend myself to change according to the society. I used to think lil more that is why I love writing my personal diary. After a long time, I’ve planned to change the way I do writing my diary i.e. I’ve changed the paper works to e-diary.

Anyway, I love making frenz and be loved… I’ve not limited interests. They go on changing accordin to my mood n time. Cookin variety of recepies is the most fav. of mine. I used to paass most of my leisure time by playin six string and singing songs with my coll frenz, lol. I love cleaning my room and my surrounding too.

I hate dirt the most. Sometime, I think I’ve born at wrong place. I must have born at Canada, Russia, Europe, or something like that….LOL… eheheh. Coz, I hate dust the most. I never forget that dreadful allergy that caught me n I suffered a lot due to the dust… Moreover, I scare with snake a lot, no matter what kind of snake it is. I scare wid dark too, and I don kno why I hate the color ‘RED’.

Other than these, I cannot describe more about me, wordz are hardly flowing out of me right now, ehehee. You can read my personal section to know more about me and “Who I am”. If any queries about me you’d simply send me e-mail or add me in your msn contact. My passport id(Windows Live id) is “nomeasdev at yahoo dot com”;

Take care and live healthy life…



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