Posted by: on3droprul3 | November 28, 2007

In dino guitar tab

C----------Am---------- C-------- Am
in Dino, Dil Mera, Mujhse Hai Keh Raha 

Tu Khaab Saja,
Tu Ji Le Jara 

Hai Tujhe Bhi Izaazat,
Karle Tu Bhi Muhabbat 

berang Si Hai Badi Zindagi Kuchh Rang To Bharoon
Main Apani Tanahaayi Ke Waaste Abbb Kuchh Toh Karoon) 

Jab Mile Thodi Fursat
Mujhse Karle Muhabbat
Hai Tujhe Bhi Izaazat,
Karle Tu Bhi Muhabbat



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